Tone Rd Regen Looks Great

Everyone who drives past our place from town first comes across our #WarrenCatchmentCouncil regeneration project first planted in Sept 22, 2017 and later added to. Well it is just over two years old and a great peaceful place to wander though.

We ended up with over 20,000 seedlings and they are growing beautifully. This place is a reminder of what we can do when we try. The once sad gully, with erosion, a sad swamp and water logged with drying trees has taken on a life of its own and is thriving.

Another first for us is the growing Sandalwood trees. It took three times however the third was successful – we have managed to successfully reintroduce the much sort after fragrant Sandalwood tree to the area. Our first efforts welll …. some little creature dug up the seeds and ate them, good luck to them.

I was out there yesterday removing two Junctus Acutus and took some time to wander through and really enjoy this sacred special place.