Blackwood Basin Group Babies

We are very grateful we made the call! On the lookout for more seedlings after the closure of Blyth Tree Farm we contacted Kristen Mappin and Karrie Williamson from the Blackwood Basin Group and sort advice. They we very generous with their time and helped us with their expertise. Based in Boyup Brook they are close by. Not only did they put us in contact with Parnell’s Nursery in Tincurrin, they coordinated with them an easy delivery on the back of some of their existing project work.

Last week we took delivery of 7,000 plant babies to add to some of our existing Landcare commitment. We consider regeneration assisting the natural environment an essential component of our sustainable agriculture vision.

We are planting into a very wet area of the farm, and we did not want to cause further degradation via soil erosion thus we did not rip or mound the area as we have done with previous projects. We really wanted to plant directly however it was simply hard work. However, this year is a different story as we discovered an amazing groundbreaking tool by Power Planter, it is an attachment that goes on a cordless drill and effortlessly digs holes to the perfect depth! It takes around 3 seconds for Jörn to drill the hole, I follow and drop the seedling down a piece of poly pipe and close the hole! Simply amazing

Jezabelle wondering just where we planned to plant our new babies.

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