SWCC Remnant Saviours

We are delighted to continue our partnership with SWCC in undertaking fencing three areas of significant remnant vegetation at Bellalee.

This project serves to extend the existing protected areas on this farm. It assists in the provision of more safe havens for roosting and feeding Carnaby’s, Forest Red Tail and Baudin Cockatoos. It allows for increased biodiversity and protection on the environment by fencing these areas we are improving the overall health of the farm. Rising salinity, water logging and reduced rainfall have all added to the degradation of the local farming lands.

One of the sites will link into our very first funded SWCC project as it sweeps down from a high ridge through to the Tone River. We are very excited to be able to provide access to the water for the native fauna.

By doing this work we are working to ensure the long term viability of nor only our native flora and fauna but also the term sustainable manner of the eco system.