Landcare 25th Anniversay

Happy birthday Landcare! The 25th Anniversary Landcare Grants 2014-15 are part of the national stream of the National Landcare Programme and are one way of marking the 25th anniversary of Landcare as a national movement. We have uploaded our submission to continue the fine work being done on our property. With this project an extra 50 hectares will be given back to nature.

We envisage an extensive fencing and re-vegetation programme as the property, Bellalee’s location at the start of the Tone River means that this will assist not only the immediate environment, but also the health of the river and iconic biodiversity found in the wetland systems further downstream.

The projects seeks to link existing protection zones linking current environmental protection zones from both Bellalee and neighbouring properties creating significant corridors through to the creek/river systems to assist in protection and to increase the biodiversity in both local flora and fauna. The Tone River is a major tributary flowing into the Warren River which is one of Western Australia’s priority water catchment systems.

The project aims to protect a significant area of land (50.42) to create a bio diverse sanctuary for local flora and fauna. One of the projects main benefit is to link other local existing landcare projects to create significant corridors reconnecting the creek river/system. This includes linking projects on neighbouring properties. These landholders recognise the importance of ongoing conservation for the protection and development of regional biodiversity. These actions will reduce the loss of natural habitats, degradation and fragmentation of the existing areas and promote a more functional ecology. Specifically  we hope that 7.5 kilometres of fencing will be installed to protect and link areas of remnant vegetation specified by project officers in Land for Wildlife report 2214 as significant along with 4000 native plant species to be planted to improve the overall health of the local area. This will also increase carbon stored in soil.


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