Landcare Driveway

Crazy where time actually wanders! We had great fortune a few months ago. We were the lucky recipients of a further 500 seedlings for one of our front regeneration projects from the Warren Catchments Council. This prompted us to think about our driveway and backyard here at Bellalee. After so much regeneration work elsewhere, it was time to look closer to home – near our home!

It didn’t take much to come around to the thought that we want to create a mini-forest. The driveway and backyard all brimming with beautiful flowing flowering trees, bushes and ground covers. The yard is about 1 acre and the house driveway 230 metres long and 3 metres wide on either side. Up the top of the drive up, we have a remnant stand of trees which are delighted to have some grevillea and other plant brothers and sisters join them.

With great excitement and advice from Katanning Landcarewho provided hundreds of beautiful seedling plants that they grow and are all within South West Australia only. Plus more little beauties from a quick trip to Boyanup Botanical which is is a fabulous family-owned nursery with over 600 species of quality plants with a speciality in Australian natives. Plus Boyanup has a vast range of weekly specials (larger plants) for a minimal number of dollars. I have just turned 60 and am eager to see them established sooner rather than later. Yes, I also raid our local nursery Nightingales for some slightly bigger plants. Driving past – I simply must stop! We have planted just over 350 seedlings with more arriving on Friday.

What to do about the weeds. So many people say weed control is everything…. except three cases have gone against Monsanto and more than 13,000 are pending. It didn’t take much for us to say there must be other ways. Yes, they all involved sweat and time. Manual removal of the weeds close to the seedlings, we had added straw around them to give then a further buffer. Plus recently we added the tree guards from Warren Catchments Council. I was initially hesitant …. gravel….. sheetrock ….. and where has the topsoil gone ….. hard, hard hard. We are determined to make the world around us soft once again. Jorn made me a device to hit into the ground to make the holes for the cane sticks. Somehow he was always away when said work was being done…….. It was necessary as the birds and rabbits were thinking easy meal targets. They were not interested in the capeweed and ryegrass.

They are in and protected. We have promised to water our babies weekly for the first summer to help them get established. Plus I know more will be added. We offer our gratitude to both  Katanning Landcare and Warren Catchments Council. for the tree guards and your invaluable advice – you are legends.

Landcare doesn’t only apply to big projects, #landcare #driveway #pillarsofbeauty


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