10000+ New Family Members

Friday the 15th September we gathered our new plant babies to introduce them to their new home here on the farm in Orchid Valley. With the very capable Jenny Carley from the #WarrenCatchmentCouncil to lead the team we swung into action.

This is a very different planting as the area is subject to water logging. To stabilise the area we have planted out thousands of reeds and grasses to stabilise the area. These are ably supported by mid level shrubs and trees a little higher to fill the area out. They will all merge and grow with flooded gums and white gums already in situ. We are very excited to see how it all grows.

As usual Jezabelle kept herself busy keeping us organised, however graciously bowed to Jenny during her sleeping time.

We here ably assisted by Andy and Murray, two happy quick witted expert planters, better later than never two of our friends Sandy and Michael rolled into to lend a hand.

Originally we had planned to plant one month ago ago the area was seemingly underwater, the rain simply fell and forgot to stop for quite a while. We would have been sinking up to our knees in some areas. Not to mention no vehicle could get there.

Luckily we had time on our side, favourable long term weather forecasts under our belts and hope in our hearts.

Our new seedling friends are settling into their new home, the rain as I write is gently falling assisting them to settle in.