10.5 months later – amazing!

We have just returned from the farm and are amazed by the growth and health of the plants. We have had a long hot summer and they are thriving. The summer has officially ended, although we have had no rain. The days are a little cooler, early to mid 20’s and the nights around 10. It is a loverly time at the farm before the business of planting this seasons crops.


The plant is nearly as tall as Jorn!


Jezabelle supervising us as usual


a few of our thriving plants


Along one of the rows to give you an idea


Jorn swimming in a spring fed pool in Cockatoo Creek, the water is beautiful, clear and drinkable.


a few more rows to give you an idea of the scope of the project

So excited!

Heading down to the farm to check out of wonderous plants. Nearly twelve months ago 16,500 tiny seedlings were planted in two major areas on the farm. The first in front of Cockatoo Creek, the second in front of the Tone River. We also planted the road way near the front of the farm where Cockatoo Creek starts its passage through Bellalee.
We guesstimate that we have lost around 500 plants. Everywhere we look our hearts are gladdened. The seedlings are strong and are appreciating the cooler weather that autumn brings – not to mention some early light rain to drink.