Humble Beginnings

How our project work began…

It was many moons ago back in 1971 when the desire for adventure brought three members of the Swedish born Ramel family to Western Australia. Jorn, Maj and their youngest son also called Jorn, then eight. Jorn senior was in search for adventure and new lands to farm. The family has over a 500 year history farming in Sweden which continues today in Skane, Sweden.

Bellalee is actually an aboriginal name for place of the two eagles. The property is blessed with Cockatoo Creek and Muir’s Brook that marks the beginning of the Tone River which is a tributary running into the renowned Warren River. Even today at summers end the Tone has water.

In 1971 it was a magnificent waterway, heavily treed with an abundance of flora. The Ramel’s were not the first to farm Bellalee. Move forward 40 years, the flow of Tone River, Cockatoo Creek and Muirs Brook is a little sad. The Tone River still deep but shrunk from its original banks. However it has water even at the end of summer but pleading for help.