Late December Regeneration update.

photo 1 photo 2Late December 2013 and here we are. The plants are very healthy and going the distance.

Tom (my eldest son), who was one of the volunteers at planting time, recently went down the farm with his mates for a short break from city life. He reported back to us and we are delighted with the progress and that the plants are thriving.

Our bush regeneration attempts to protect and enhance the plant biodiversity along Cockatoo Creek and the Tone River as they flow through Bellalie. We hope that we have provided conditions conductive to the recruitment and survival of our native seedlings. Plus it is envisaged that dormant seed stock will sprout adding to the bio-diversity.

Australian plant communities require some level of perturbation to trigger germination from long-buried seed banks. Some areas of the project were not only ripped and mounded but had additional disturbance-based burning to trigger new growth.

We are very proud to be involved in an active conservation program for remnant vegetation. The aim of this bush regeneration, is to restore and maintain ecosystem health by facilitating the natural regeneration of indigenous flora and to provide linked corridors for wildlife.

Thank you to the South West Catchment Council (SWCC), Land for Wildlife, and the the Department of Conservation for the grants we received and the invaluable assistance in guiding the projects.

The plants are happy.

The little plants have settled into their new home and are looking good

The little plants have settled into their new home and are looking good

Oops, I thought I had published this post…… Our plants have weathered the winter and are growing strong. We now have to have a fingers crossed that the parrots do not clip them to ground level. Those birds have fun, however can wreck young plants! These photos are from the in front of Cockatoo Creek, an area we are really wanting to assist.

To our delight all the seedlings are happy and healthy.

Few have been trimmed by the birds but live on. Thus far we have not found a single dead plant.

They were planted nearly six weeks ago.

photoWe have had some good rainfalls and the only two frosts. Our strike rate at this stage is 100%. The plants had been taken from their home in the trays they were grown in, uprooted and stamped into the ground they are thriving.

A happy visit to the farm.