Southern Dirt/State NRM Project 2014/15

Yes we were quick, there was a windfall out there, with the assistance of Kayla in the Southern Dirt office in Kojonup, Landcare and the State NRM office we were lucky to snaffle up funding that became available to fence some remnant vegetation on the farm.

We will fence remnant vegetation identified in our Land for Wildlife (LFW) report dated 24/09/2011. This project will help to create a significant corridor through to the creek/river system to assist in protection and to increase the biodiversity in both local flora and fauna.

Within the project we will be targeting Bridal Veil Creeper, a Weed of National Significance as a part of the Southern Dirt and Kojonup Councils regional coordinated effort. Other noted weeds will also be targeted in an appropriate manner at no cost to the project.

Fencing is strategically located using LFW recommendations to provide high environmental benefits protecting fragile remnant native vegetation, it will also work to reduce soil erosion. The fencing will link existing remnant vegetation with sensitive riparian zones. The remnant vegetation included in the project will lead to a reduction in excess water in low-lying areas. It also provides habitat for fauna and links extant populations.

Fauna needs to be able move between remnants, this provides them a significant safe continuous haven through to Cockatoo Creek and the Tone River.  Many small varieties of fauna are unable to cross open paddocks. LFW recommends linking five key identified sites. To date two sites have been linked creating a safe haven around Cockatoo Creek and the Tone River. This project will link another of the LFW sites noted as remnant bushland predominantly open jarrah woodland of high significance.

We are looking forward to sharing the project from start to finish and beyond with you all.

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