Rolling Around The Edges

The crops have been harvested, Christmas has been and now just a memory. It must be time to think about installing fences around the three pieces of remnant vegetation we are due to fence with our latest round of funding from the South West Catchment Council (SWCC).

To smooth the way around the perimeter Jorn decided to get out his rock roller, partially to clear canola stubble, another to have clear fire breaks and third just to make it easier for us to install. Believe it or not we actually like fencing, generally finding it relaxing and enjoyable. Not to mention the results at the end! 

The first area often sees Forest Red-Tailed and Carnabys cockatoos socialising and feeding. There are some great food sources up there for them. The second and third Sites are high on the farm leading down to the Tone River and I have taken to calling it ‘eagle ridge’ as they are a common sight up there.