Tis a wet wet winter

We arrived back in Oz after two months away. We headed straight down to Bellalee to recover from our jetlag. It was wonderful to wake up to a misty cold morning, looking out at the rolling hills and trees on the farm.
Later we ventured down to the regeneration projects. Some of the plants had been ring barked by cheeky cockatoos. Jorn expected them to die. I was insistent that the young bushes and trees wanted to live. Live they have!
We dropped into Blyth Tree Farm in Katanning on our way down to pick up three trays of seedlings, about 90, just a few less than the 16,000 we planted last year. It was great to catch up with Steve Blyth and see how his business has expanded.
We planted the newbies out along the road, our third regeneration area.