Four Months Strong

Our plant babies out in a paddock bordering the Tone Rd are now four months old. They are thriving, having been aided and abetted by some time summer rainfalls. 28mm last week thanks to the remnants of Cyclone Joyce. They and all our trees and other planting’s lapped it up. The land came alive and every plant on the property seemed at peace.

Despite our best efforts, maybe those summer rains helped, the rye grass came back with renewed vigour after we had sprayed it….. we have been in removing radish and melons from the area. We walk through at least once per week to see our the plants are going and pull out any unwanted ones. My earlier sharp bush removal has paid off, Only two have dared to pop up only to be removed just as quickly with my handy pick…. not at all hard after the monsters I have taken a dislike to and removed previously!

We have determined that more must be done. We intend to fence around many of the old paddock trees and add new plants so they may grow in the wisdom shadow of the old. This way the stories of the land will not be forgotten.

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