Can They Be Four!

Our first regeneration project turns four this coming weekend. Four photos – Two from then and now the progress taken today. What a difference! I went walking through the projects earlier and am delighted to report that plants are springing in between the rows seeded from nearby plants, plus some seedlings are emerging from long dormant seed stock. They are strong and healthy despite not having the protection of the mounds to grow in. The health of Cockatoo Creek and the Tone River has improved dramatically. The banks have stabilised, reeds are dense and there are so many new plants – paperbarks, flooded gums and more all happily thriving.

Thank you to all those people who helped make it happen – from our neighbours the Ednie-Browns who generously let us use their equipment, local businesses Kojonup Ag Supplies, Elders, Landmark and Waratah, who gave us great service and helped us, to friends who gave up their time to come and plant, to the South West Catchments Council and to the land that just gives and gets better everyday. Photos are taken from a slightly different angle! I did not have my trust iPad with me – not that we have internet out there…..


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