Barefoot in the kitchen


Whilst Jorn is down on the farm out in the field working away at our regeneration projects, I am here in the city in the kitchen!

Advanced planning to feed the kind people who are giving up there long weekend to travel down to the farm to help us plant 18,000+ native plant seedlings. So far two soups have been made and are ready to go into the freezer. Spicy carrot, coriander and red lentil below and above is a Moroccan harira soup – no idea – nor did I, lamb, chick peas, puy lentils and more. Both big hearty soups, great for the expected cold weather. Shall remember put in an order for some bread rolls from the baker in town. This is just a start, I have plenty more food to prepare.

Here in Western Australia they celebrate the founding of the State with a long weekend, the first weekend of June. We are counting down till planting time. Plenty of work to be down in the field and the kitchen over the next two weeks.


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