The big SWCC trip into town

ImageOk this is certainly not station country, however it is an 80 kilometre return trip. None of my city habits of lets just pop down to the shops for a litre of milk gig out here.

This week we are working on the SWCC major regeneration project on the property.  This has been an ambitious project to fence over 4 kilometres of land including all the waterways on the property. It creates a significant corridor for wildlife and links up with neighbouring farmers regeneration projects on the south east side and nature reserve on the north east flank.

This morning we went to pick up the fencing ordered from Kojonup Ag Supplies.

This trip we aim to fence a large area including Muir’s Brook and the Tone River.

There is an access way across the Creek for the farmers however with the way we are managing the project stock will be totally excluded from the creek/river system for the first time since the land was cleared.

We are indebted to the expertise and time given to us by Terry Brooks from SWCC

Jezabel the doggess showing the way.  Below – Jorn Ramel working – again!! still!!!


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