What is riparian land?


Riparian land is any land that adjoins or directly influences a body of water. It includes:

* the land immediately alongside small creeks and rivers, including the river bank itself;

* gullies and dips which sometimes run with water;

* areas surrounding lakes; and

* wetlands and river floodplains which interact with the river in times of flood.

Riparian land also plays an important role in the lifecycle of many native animals and plants, it provides wildlife corridors as well as being a refuge for animals in times of drought or fire.

By its very nature, riparian land is fragile, and performs a vital link between land and water ecosystems.

Riparian vegetation is made up of the native plant species that grow alongside creek-lines , enhancing the habitat value of an area and providing stability to creek banks.

Riparian revegetation can halt the degradation of land alongside waterways, prevent erosion of creek banks during storm events and provide habitat for fauna.

We spotted many native animals on a short walk through the Cockatoo Creek corridor over the Easter long weekend this year, particularly the birdlife. As we were fencing I was struck by the diversity of birdsong. It made me determined to have a break at take the time to spot some of the voices the song belonged too. Unfortunately I only had the ipad, not the best for taking photos with. Next time I will ensure I have the camera nearby rather rather than on the kitchen table a few kilometres away in the farm house…..


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