Are they poles or posts?

Not many of us  think about fence making. The fences we hope, when we buy our homes are up and serviceable, if they get damaged we usually make a telephone call to the insurance person or a handyman for help.

Quite a few years ago now misfortune had Jorn living in a rental in Wembley Downs. At that time there was a move in the area to install underground power. The former poles that adorned the streets were being made redundant. Jorn after talking with his mate David Lee both spotted an opportunity, they  thought they would make great strainer posts. Jorn actually tried to wrench them from their mountings but sadly they were well fixed. They were now redundant and he could see a great new life for the old poles. A valued  life on the farm. Little did the poles realize what he had install for them.

Move onwards to seven years later and here we are Jorn the former farmer who like many, still owns the farm, is fencing….

Farmers do the fencing themselves and by nature are always looking at ways to save a little money.

Jorn had discovered where the used electricity poles went to live, a forlorn life. His mate David Lee was the first to offer them hope and rescued a great many a telephone poles. After a call of two later he discovered he could purchase them and remake them anew.

Now Jorn was ready to realise the hope of reusing the old electricity poles. He too made the all important telephone calls to mount the rescue of this important resource.

Looking sad lost have arrived here at to the half way house – our home. They need to be re-modeled and cut down as strainer posts! Our lucky driveway and carport here in the city are the venue for the second round of pole trimming to turn them into strainer posts.

This week we have been busy planning the installation of the next four kilometres of fencing. All the posts, fastlock, fence clips have been ordered. Our names placed on the whiteboard at Kojonup Ag Supplies for the small hydraulic rammer. We have it all laid out on paper to try and make the job smoother when we are down there.  Image

Jorn Home with his booty


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